PVD Materials for
Thin Films Industries
ISO 9001 Certified

ProTech Materials processes are tailored
for different target materials.  For low
melting point materials, we have developed
casting processes which carefully control
micro structure and uniformity, both of which
are necessary for superior sputtering

Examples are indium (In) and indium alloy
sputtering target casting, used in thin film
solar manufacturing, web coating and
architectural glass coating applications.  
The ProTech Materials' casting process
yields high purity, small grain size, void free
sputtering targets.

Powder processing is another core strength
of ProTech Materials. Our manufacturing
processes are used to consolidate powders
for both metals with high melting points,
as well as, ceramic oxides .  The process steps used in powder based target manufacturing include powder preparation,
cold pressing, hot pressing, cold isostatic pressing (CIP), hot isostatic pressing (HIP), sintering  and thermal spraying.

Careful control of key parameters in these process steps result in the high quality materials that ProTech Materials is
known for.

An example of one of ProTech's powder manufactured products is ITO (Indium Tin Oxide).  Our powder and
consolidation processes result in a high density sputtering target with excellent uniformity control, within a lot and lot to

ProTech Materials is continuously improving existing processes and developing new ones to meet the challenge of the
rapidly changing materials needs in each of the markets we serve.
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